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Upcoming gig  🇬🇧 Dance:Love:Hub, June 15, 2019

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Acid Trance

Track of the week: Tempest (Union Jack Remix)

To me, there is no any other Trance producer and label that influenced me that much in the ‘90s as Simon Berry and his Platipus Records. Both of his projects, Union Jack and Art Of Trance, are the definition of a proper old-school Trance music to me.

I’ll certainly post more from Platipus later in this series, but for now, let’s take a listen to this fast-paced Acid Trance classic.

Artist Salamander
Title Tempest (Union Jack Remix)
Label Platipus Records
Year 1995
BPM 146
Key Cm
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Rave Podcast 016

Special guest of the month: Psycoholic

In addition to the changes introduced last month, I have another good news: from now on, each Rave Podcast episode will feature a special guest from around the globe.


00:00 John 00 Fleming – New Beginning (Original Mix)
07:13 Anton Chernikov – Bumourbia (Original Mix)
14:27 Liquid Soul – Spell (Original Mix)
19:02 Symphonix – Sweeping Up (Osher Remix)
24:04 Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase (Original Mix)
29:17 1200 Micrograms – C Of Tranquility (Original Mix)
35:05 System Nipel & White Noise – Maximal (Original Mix)
41:02 Bizzare Contact – This Is Science (Spade & Freedom Fighters Remix)
45:40 Aquatica – Operatic (System Nipel & Faders Remix)
51:11 Sesto Sento – Sesto Dance (Ananda Shake Remix)

Psycoholic guest mix
To be added soon.

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