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Track of the week: Last Man In The Universe

I remember listening to this track in 2000 for the first time: it instantly become one of my favourites, and it still is today, seventeen years later. It has a magic moment in it, something that many nowadays’s track lacking.

Production standards changes over time, a bassline may sound not so “fat” or the mixdown not so clean, but these beautiful musical moments keep living in our hears even years later.

Artist Yahel
Title Last Man In The Universe (Original Mix)
Release Waves Of Sound
Label HomMega Productions
Year 2000
BPM 141
Key C#m

Blog update: adding the missing puzzles

This whole time I’ve been using my blog wrong

I started this blog in 2013 to have an intimate place for occasional writing some behind the scenes posts. Then I introduced the advice series, and later on – track of the week series.

However, just recently I realised: this blog didn’t reflect my music career as a whole. Somehow, I didn’t share my releases, gigs, photos, mixes, or pretty much anything that would show I’m an actual music producer and DJ, not just a blogger.

Well, now it’s fixed. Not only I will post more content here in the future, but I’ve made these changes retrospective: I take some time to add those missing puzzles, starting with my very first career steps in 2011.

For example, now you find here all of my releases — with artworks, press quotes, and audio previews. Or you can listen to all Rave Podcast episodes, as well as my guest mixes and live sets — all with detailed tracklistings with timecode. How cool is that?

Same here for gigs, press reviews, and so much more. Just scroll down the page or use tags to find some previous posts I’ve added with backdates.

I want to have a reliable place for all my career efforts, both failures and accomplishments. And most importantly, I want anyone could find and share these posts even years later, something that Facebook and other social media fails to achieve.

Track of the week: Soaring Flux

This track is a pure hidden gem and a great example of a non-mainstream Psytrance that you probably won’t hear on big dancefloors. I like the pace and the dark vibe on this track.

Full duration of the track is 8:58. This low-quality excerpt is the only one available on YouTube, unfortunately
Artist Amygdala
Title Soaring Flux (DJ Friendly Mix)
Label JOOF Mantra
Year 2015
BPM 136
Key Gm

If you like this track, check also Orba by 00.db.

Moscow in December

Party promoters! Presumably, this December I’ll be in Moscow for about a week. If you wanted to book me for your event, this is a great opportunity. Get in touch if it sounds exciting to you, or forward this message to someone you know who may find it interesting.

See photos, videos, and everything related to my gigs and tours by the “Gigs” tag below.

Oct 25   Gigs   Russia

RSS fixed

Some of you who subscribed to my blog by RSS probably noticed that it worked funky lately, with some extra symbols appearing between the letters.

The good news is that it should be fixed by now. If you’ll continue to see some weird blog appearance in your RSS feed, please let me know.

Welcome to comments

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you probably noticed that I typically have a comments section closed, with an exception to the advice series. I was thinking about it and decided to keep the comments section open across the entire blog, at least for now.

Feel free to share your thoughts on any post in this blog.

Track of the week: Goodbye Dubai

Atmos is one of the pioneers of Progressive Psy sound and he still delivers. This track sums up everything I love about this genre: its long progression, atmosphere, and musical components.

Artist Atmos
Title Goodbye Dubai (Original Mix)
Release Hologram
Label Iboga Records
Year 2017
BPM 138
Key G#m

DJs don’t dance?

When I’m on tour, usually I don’t have much time to fully enjoy the party from the dancefloor’s perspective as I have to rush back to the hotel or even straight to the airport otherwise I miss my flight.

But the last two gigs at PLUR Festival and The Egg London things were aligned in such way so I had a spare time after playing my set and I enjoyed the sets of other DJs playing after me. The funny thing is, last weekend in London when I was having a great time on the dancefloor listening to Hypnocoustics set, a guy came to me and said and he never saw a DJ just dancing like that with the crowd.

This actually made thing about it. I don’t often see a DJ dancing on the dancefloor among the crowd, indeed. DJs don’t dance? Or they find it not cool to hang out on the other side of the decks? Do you find it unprofessional? Why?

I’m curious what do you guys think when seeing a DJ just dancing on the dancefloor after playing a set?

Oct 20   Music industry   Question

How I prepare for gigs

Vlog 004

This vlog episode is all about my travel to London where I’m playing at The Egg Loft at Dance:Love:Hub. Also in this video I share 3 tips how I prepare for gigs, so I hope you’ll learn something new as well.

What do you guys think about this video format, pace, and duration? I’m still not feeling quite comfortable in front of a camera, so any suggestions are welcome.

P.S. Soundtrack credits: Sideform​ and AudioFire​

Photos from The Egg, London

The gig last Saturday at The Egg London was phenomenal, such a lovely people and great vibe! I love this kind of smaller club events as it gives a much more personal connection with every person on the dancefloor and allows myself to express musically. The full venue and the crowd’s reaction to each track was a testimony to this.

Many thanks to DanceLoveHub for making my UK debut happen and the top-notch organisation, all artists for beautiful music, and all people for sharing your smiles.

What a lovely crowd! JOOF team: Adam Thomas, Jon Cockle, myself, and John 00 Fleming Thumbs up! Jon Cockle with a beautiful opening set Dan Ascherl with a Trance-infused set The breakdown Hypnocoustics finishes off party with proper Psychedelic Fin

Photo credit: Robert Stainforth.

Watch also my vlog from London

Oct 16   Gigs   Photo   United Kingdom
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