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You don’t ask—you don’t get

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Hey Daniel, thanks for your blog. I’m an up-and-coming producer, and I would like to ask your advice on how to start working with high-grade producers? I’m talking about collaborations, remixes etc. For example, your Rave Podcast show has some fantastic guest mixes from amazing artists, how do you get them?

Harley P.

Harley, I could tell you something like “your name as a brand should have value to other producers, otherwise, there is no point for them to work with you” and other stuff from the business side of things, having a nerd smiley face.

But instead, I’d like to tell you something different and more important. The principle which I use for years now. Here are those magic words:

As long as people can’t read other people’s minds, we have to talk or write in order to convey our thoughts and ideas. And most weird is that many people are afraid to say what they want! I guess the fear of failure is a reason for that. Do you want to remix or to collaborate with some famous artist? Tell him this! Do you want to get a promotion at your job? Say it to your boss! As simple as that.

Of course, other people can say “no” to you, and most likely they will. But think of the worst-ever-possible scenario. What would happen if you get “no”? Well, you’ll get upset, and probably will feel awkward. What else?

Now think of the opposite: what would happen if don’t ask what you want? The answer is simple: you miss the opportunity. The opportunity to change your life for the good. That famous artist would never collaborate with you, and your boss would never know that you actually want a promotion, giving that position to one of your colleagues.

This principle goes far beyond the music industry as it can be applied to pretty much everything in your life. You ask—you get it!

On cover image: Stevie Wonder during a rehearsal session in Los Angeles in 1974 © Jazzinphoto. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” is one of the famous quotes from Stevie Wonder. Source: IMDb.

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