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Why I ask to buy music

Weird things. Artists ask to buy their music while getting almost nothing from it in terms of income. At the same time, music is free all around: releases appear on ‘piracy’ websites literally in a few hours after out on stores. So looks like no one is happy with buying music as artists get no profit and listeners can download same tracks for free? Well, not really.

I keep getting asked over and over again when I’ll be playing in different parts of the globe: Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Canada, USA — the list goes on. People do want to hear my sets, but current gigs list is not big yet. So how music sales can affect on the gigs?

Every time someone buys a track, it goes upper in the charts. And being in Top-100 chart has a practical meaning: top positions in gets more attention, from both listeners and professionals of the industry. So, perhaps, party promoters take a decision in artist bookings by looking at Top-100 chart too? I’m not saying that music sales affect gigs directly, but it does in some way for sure.

If you want to hear my sets in your town, in your favorite clubs or festivals, the best way to motivate promoters to book me is to show it’s worth it! So if you want, go get your copy of my latest EP here →

Taking this opportunity I want to thank everyone who already supported my release as it currently spotted on #17 in Top-100 chart. Thank you!

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