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My Ableton setup explained

Vlog pilot episode

Many people find my humble advice blog useful and I’m happy to hear that. However, the number one request that I get asked all the time is to make videos, not just articles in the written form. I find myself watching more and more YouTube channels lately, so I totally get that.

Well, you asked — you get it. In fact, I’m thinking to make this whole vlog thing on a regular basis, although I’m not entirely sure yet. Think about this video as a pilot episode.

I know some people prefer to watch a video on Facebook, so I’ll put that link here as well.

Three fun facts. I had to cut almost half of the content from this video, otherwise it would be 40 minutes long. This video took me about 20 hours to make, not including time spent on a couple of failed attempts. Since it was the first montage I made in Final Cut Pro X ever, I’ve watched 70 video lessons alongside with making it.

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1 comment
John C.

I may not be the musician but knowing how it works and how all those dang knobs works was fascinating. I also like that you’re from Tel Aviv, makes me feel like I am getting more than just your standard US fare music which seems so duplicitous at times, and the accent is cool, don’t worry about that at all–I can understand everything, well except maybe when you say “zero db”. lol The duration of the two videos so far has been good, longer would make it hard, at least for me. to get them in in one session, shorter and you wouldn’t get much said. What you said in #2 was accurate as far as your profiles looking good. I know it’s not fair, but when I go looking for something new to listen to, whether on bandcamp or noisetrade, artist names, pictures, and album covers almost solely determine whether I bother to click the play button. There’s just too many artists out there to hear them all.

Anyway, I say keep up the vlog, it’s definitely good stuff and worth watching. As far as topics, it’s all essentially new to me, so anything is beneficial right now.

Daniel Lesden

Thanks John, appreciate your feedback!