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Vand Sunete review of Thru The Stars EP

Vând Sunete focuses on track recommendations and features everything from new releases to genre classics. This time he reviewed Daniel’s latest EP, Thru The Stars.

With releases on JOOF Recordings, Borderline Music and Perfecto Fluoro, Daniel Lesden has certainly had productions featured on some high profile imprints in the trance world. February 9th sees him debut on India’s Digital Om Productions with a double track offering in the form of the Thru The Stars EP. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Thru The Stars On Autopilot

Psytrance is many things to many people, and everyone perceives it differently because they choose to focus on a certain aspect of the arrangement. For me, it’s about the atmosphere, and in particular the quick changes that take place as the track is unfolding, so to speak.

I’m happy to report that Thru The Stars On Autopilot is a great example of psytrance done right, with great emphasis on the atmosphere, and lots of teasing that goes on throughout. From its strategically placed, slightly sci-fi sounding vocal samples, to the little melodic snippets and FX sweeps, it manages to easily reel in the listener. I often approach these things like stories, and have made the point in the past that for a track to be truly great, it has to capture your attention like a great story. Let’s just say there’s been a lot of attention capturing, somewhere around a dozen replays worth of it.

I wouldn’t want the other track to feel neglected, so let’s move on, yeah?

Thru The Stars is a great example of Psytrance done right, with great emphasis on the atmosphere, and lots of teasing that goes on throughout.

Mysteries Of Time

The companion track takes the BPM down a couple of notches, giving the entire ensemble a slightly more mysterious feel. Atypical in the way it builds, it made for quite a fun listening session and a nicely laid-back alternative to the production above. There’s a little more emphasis on the progressive side of things, which I did enjoy a lot. It has a rather more pronounced, darker tone, making the choice of the title entirely justified.

There’s still time to pick a favourite, as the EP is headed for release on February 9th. Listen to the samples and see which one you like more.

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Text — Florin Bodnărescu

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