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“Still fresh!”

Or why you shouldn’t treat music as a consumable

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I see many producers post their tracks saying “Still fresh!” or “Grab your copy while it’s hot!”. I know exactly what they mean, but still, it sounds kinda creepy to me and I want to explain why.

As an A&R, I often see producers that want to release their music ASAP, otherwise, it becomes “old”. Although I totally share the excitement about each and every release and looking forward to it being released, I’d like to clarify one thing.

Producers, if you submit a demo expecting it being released within a month “because oh no it’s getting old”, then you either have a lack of understanding how a record label works, either have a wrong marketing strategy. Or both. Yes, planning ahead and creating a proper release strategy is something that you should do (or your manager, if you have one).

What record labels do. A story from the first-hand experience

As a result of such “release-more-and-asap” mindset, we accustom new generation of listeners to treat with music as a «consumable», something that you should use quickly while it’s fresh and then just move to the trash bin.

Look at the discography of some greatest artists like John 00 Fleming, Astrix, Protoculture and Beat Bizarre just to name a few, they crafted their albums for years. And you know why? Because good music doesn’t have “expired date” and “best before” labels. Music made with love, skills, and passion sounds amazing even after a decade being released.

Sweet Fine Crystaline by Protoculture is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Released in 2006

Let’s respect music a bit more, it’s a form of art, not expendable material.

On cover image: what the hell pizza is doing there? Luckily, unlike pizza, music is great even the day after tomorrow. And ten years later, too.

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