Track of the week: “Broken Promise”

Sometimes I enjoy listening to music that doesn’t has gated leads, acid riffs, twisted squelches, and cinematic effects. Just some positive and straightforward tunes in an old-fashioned way. For the occasions like this, Shanti is perfect for me.

His music doesn’t fit to any particular genre, you can hear something from Balearic House, Euro-Trance, and Full-on. Maybe “Ibiza Full-on”? I’m still not sure, but I’ll put the Full-on tag down below.

Artist Shanti
Title Broken Promise (Original Mix)
Release FutuRetro
Label United Beats Records
Year 2015
BPM 138
Key G

Track of the week is a random pick from my all-time favourite tracks in various genres: from Psytrance that I play on the dancefloors to House that I just enjoy listening. I'll be glad if you discover some new artists that way, a sort of friend's recommendation. New posts come out every Saturday.