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The Guest Mix @ Rush Hour with Christopher Lawrence

I was honored to make a guest mix for the legendary man Christopher Lawrence. The mix was aired yesterday on DI.FM, and now is ready for streaming and downloading. It also includes two IDs that will be revealed later this year.

Daniel is not only a diverse talented producer, he is also one of the brightest and technically proficient Psy-Progressive producers at the moment.


00:00 Daniel Lesden – Ishtar Terra (Original Mix)
04:12 Relativ & Nerso – Burn The Floor (Original Mix)
07:41 Daniel Lesden – ID
10:29 Starlab – Innerspace (Original Mix)
12:49 Shogan – Vintage World (Original Mix)
16:18 Side Effects – Time Bender (Arhetip Remix)
19:26 Daniel Lesden – ID
24:53 Talpa – The Moon (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
27:40 Miranda – Gnocchi (Manmachine Remix)
31:36 Protonica – Floating Joint (Original Mix)
36:14 Daniel Lesden – Vortex (Original Mix)
41:19 Liquid Soul – Devotion (Morten Granau & Zyce Remix)
44:12 Ace Ventura – Presence (Daniel Lesden Remix)
49:44 Vertical Mode – Twist Me Up (Lifeforms Remix)
54:14 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
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1 comment
Anatoly M.

с утра на работе врубил на пол катушки.
чай, штанга. самое то.

Daniel Lesden

Давай на всю :-) Теперь удобно искать все миксы по тегу.