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Rave Podcast — Guest Mix Competition 2015!

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2015   Rave Podcast

I host Rave Podcast on Digitally Imported radio every first Tuesday of a month at 7 PM UK. It showcases some of the finest Psytrance music and features guest artists from all over the world. Subscribe on iTunes to never miss a new episode.

Vernon Jones aka Vernski

Hi guys,

Vernski here with a Rave Podcast submission. I have recorded this at 320kbs at a level of -15db. I have not altered, compressed or amplified it in any way. I thought to let you guys take care of that when producing the podcast.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a mix on you show

After this link is loaded, just right click and it should ask you if you want to save file.

1) Andrez – Anthony’s Pier (That’s Why Ur Here) (Tomek Remix)
2) Sapiens – Five Point Fiction (Deng & Slavak Remix)
3) Rick Pier O’Neil – Misty Rising (Original Mix)
4) Evil Oil Man – Hot Crazy Matrix (Original Mix)
5) Florian MSK – Ahriman Foundry Railway Co (Kliment Remix) (Original Mix)
6) Mekka – Emergence (Original Mix)
7) Progenitor – Ultimate Trip (Loopstep Remix)
8) Omiki – Psychedelic Woods (Original Mix)
9) Liquid Soul, Captain Hook – Liquid Hook (Zentura Remix)
10) The Digital Blonde, Splattered Implant – The Weeping Willow (Original Mix)
11) Sonic Species – Just Another Freak (Original Mix)
12) Relativ, V-Society – Beyond Reality (Original Mix)
13) Nicholson, Splattered Implant – Outta Control (Original Mix)

Khivuk Sergey


I’m glad to take part in Rave Podcast guestmix competition.
The following mix is a compilation of compositions in several genres: Progresive Psy, Tech Trance, Psy Breaks, harder hues of Uplifting Trance, and Psy Trance, of course.

Hope you enjoy it, thanks for the opportunity.

Link to download the file:


  1. Christopher Lawrence vs. Fergie & Sadrian – Buenos Aires (Frost Raven Remix)
  2. The Technicians – Re:sample (Original Mix)
  3. Beatman and Ludmilla, Blazer – Aqaba (Original Mix)
  4. Reaky – History Repeating (Original Mix)
  5. Physical Phase vs. Jackob Roenald vs. John Askew – Maecenas Plush (bokeh Mashup)
  6. Freedom Fighters & Ryanosaurus – Million Little Pieces (Original Mix)
  7. Solarstone – Once (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix)
  8. Talla 2XLC – The Spring Is My Love (Indecent Noise Remix)
  9. Simon Patterson – Apex (Original Mix)
  10. Changes – Evolution (Original Mix)
  11. Magnus – Frozen Sun (Original Mix)
  12. Makida – Realm Of Intelligence (Original Mix)
  13. Indra – Define Situation (Original Mix)
Alex the Lion

Hello Everyone! My name is Alex The Lion. I’m from Moldova. I hope you’ll enjoy my guestmix competition entry.

Всем привет! Меня зовут Alex The Lion. Я из Молдовы. Я надеюсь, вам понравится мой конкурсный гостевой микс для Rave Podcast.

01 Timelock & Soul Six – Destinesia (5;22)
02 Inner State & Mind Spin – Mind Over Matter (5;56)
03 Audiotec & Space Cat – Touring Test (4;13)
04 Ace Ventura & Astrix – Pranava (7;36)
05 Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call (2;48)
06 Madness Express – Over & Over (7;18)
07 Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy (DigiCult Remix) (4;27)
08 Symbolic – Signs Of Revolution (6;23)
09 Space Cat & Talamasca & Outsiders & Avalon vs. Marco V – ArmaGODDon (Alex The Lion Mash) (5;01)
10 Killerwatts – Psychedelic Liberation (Audiotec & Faders Remix) (4;20)
11 Electric Universe – Super Nova (Outsiders Edit) (5;44)


Gate of Paradise

my mix goes to 1 h04 . Problem or not ?

Daniel Lesden

Well, according to the rules, the length is 60 minutes. But +- few minutes wouldn’t be an issue.

Gate of Paradise

Thanks , if the mix is selected, you’ll just have to cut the last track !

Now i submit the mix here :

1-Gaudium & Easy Riders – High on Lucy [Iboga Records]
2-Tripy – LSD 25 (Remix) [JOOF V2]
3-One Function – Transient (Original Mix) [Iono Music]
4-Lyktum – Reality [TesseracTstudio]
5-Nertum – Portal [Transcape Records]
6-Manmachine – Sharks & Laser Beams (Original Mix) [Digital Om]
7-Daniel Lesden – Another Earth [Digital Om]
8-Ranji – Power of Acid (Original Mix) [Blue Tunes]
9-Audiotec – Alien Dreams (Original Mix)[Tech Safari]
10-Electric Universe – Nebula [Dacru Records]
11-1200 Micrograms – Hashish (Faders Remix) [Tip Records]
12-1200 Micrograms – The Changa Zone (Original Mix) [Tip Records]

Daniel Lesden

The link seems incorrect, check it please.

Gate of Paradise

is that good now Daniel ?

Daniel Lesden

Yes, it works now. Cheers!



it’s a big pleasure to could take part in this competition. Here’s a mix from me with with a many amazing techno, psy and trance tracks! Hope you’ll enjoy.


  1. Blazer – Groovebox [Neom]
  2. DurtysoxXx – The Sign (Spartaque Remix) [IAMT]
  3. Gabriel D’Or & Bordoy – VAP [Selected]
  4. Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call [Subculture]
  5. Greg Downey & Bo Bruce – These Hands I Hold [Perfecto Fluoro]
  6. Reaky – Progressive Psychoanalysis (Reakson Remix) [Midnight Resurrection]
  7. Party Heroes – Groove Factor [Dacru]
  8. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis [JOOF]
  9. Sonic Species – The First And The Last (Relativ & V-Society Remix) [Digital Om]
  10. Fred Baker & Seb B – Mass Noise 2015 [Outburst]
  11. Imaginarium – Never Ever Land [Digital Om]
  12. Beat Hackers – Control Freak [Dacru]
  13. Lifeforms – Alien Product [Iono]
  14. Killerwatts – Live Forever (Vibe Tribe & Spade Remix) [Nano]



AudioFire-Girls&Boys (original)

Auquafeel&Zyce I am the Sunlight

Neuro Chemistry


AudioFire-Serpant (original)

Symbolic,waio,Killerwatts-Wake Up

Side Effects-Black Hole

AudioFire-Life Around Us (original)

Liquid soul,Zyce Science Fiction

Ace Venture,Symbolic-The world that you know

EClip FutureFrequency-Little Universe

Zen Mechanics,E Clip-FlashBack

Audiofire-Machaine Heart(original)

Daniel Lesden

Hi Marc, the link seems incorrect — “the track now found”, it says. Probably, you marked the mix as a private? In this case, the link should include several digits in the end.


Hey Daniel sorry about this.Pls try this link!
And thanks for the awesome oppertunity to feature on your show:)

Daniel Lesden

Thanks for the updated link! However, the mix bitrate is 160 kbps. Please update it to 320 kbps to match the rules. On Soundcloud, you can replace file without changing that link.


Duh silly Me...Ok so i changed it so this should be ok i hope?

Here is the new link just incase. thank you:)

Daniel Lesden

Yep, it’s good now. Cheers!

Steven Jolliffe

hi all My name is Steven Jolliffe, here is my Rave Podcast submission. I had some fun with this mix playing some of my favourite Progresive Psy tracks.

Track listings

Airwave – Cathedrals Of Hope Vs Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Disarm Yourself (Protoculture Remix)
Daniel Lesden – 165 Earth Years (Original Mix)
Insert Name – Rewrite The Future Vs Perry O’Neil – Bass Society
Liquid Soul – Devotion (Aladiah Remix)
Subtara – Terminal Destruction Vs John 00 Fleming – Last Night A DJ Saved My Night
Airwave – Hello World (album version)
Aaron Camz pres. Lacuna – Come with me (The Digital Blonde Remix)
Tegma – Athena
Steve Birch – Snake Charmer Vs Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Protoculture Remix)
Simon Templar – The Alignment (Original Mix) Vs James Dymond – Overthrow (Protoculture Remix)
Protoculture – Music Is More Than Mathematics Vs Paul Oakenfold – Barbers Adagio for Strings


Kirill Smirnov


My name is Kirill ‘Enlusion’ Smirnov and I’m a bedroom-dj & producer of progressive and deep trance music from Moscow.

Here’s my entry..

  1. Cosmithex – Limitless
  2. ID – ID
  3. Protonica – Horizon (Ticon Remix)
  4. Atmos & Born Sleepy & Animato – Senior Junkies
  5. Molok – Road To The East
  6. Liquid Soul & Zyce feat. Solar Kid – Anjuna
  7. Liquid Soul & DJ Dream – Liquid Dream
  8. Symbolic – Signs of Revolution
  9. Relativ & V-Society – Enigma
  10. Protodrive – Stardust
  11. Mars Attack – HoHo
  12. Duotekk – Zlow

Ron O'Rourke

Figured I’d give it another shot this year. :)

  1. The Freak Show – It’s Over (Sykick Remix)
  2. Be Svendsen – Bones (Flowjob Remix)
  3. Atacama – Ions of Time (Original Mix)
  4. Daniel Lesden & Cosmithex – Genesis (Steve Birch Remix)
  5. Norma Project – Illusion (Original Mix)
  6. Manifestor – Random Perspective (Part Two)
  7. Cylon & Groovebox – Realizing The Dream (Original Mix)
  8. Materia & Waio – Collision (Original Mix)
  9. Sound Machine – The One (Original Mix)
  10. Wilhelm Karotte – Mr.Sigerink (Wilhelm Karotte Remix)
  11. Killman – Escape From Reality (Original Mix)
  12. Disco Volante – Dare2Disco (Original Mix)

Direct Download: – Psyren Call 05 (Passive Progression).mp3

Let me know if there’s an issue with the link.

Looking forward to the winning entry whoever it may be this year.

Ron O'Rourke

Bah. He’s the link with all the funny characters necessary to make sure the blog software gets the complete link. :)

Daniel Lesden

Thanks Ron, downloaded. Cheers!


Hi Daniel,hope you well..Just going thru the mix i sent you on soundcloud and iv just realised i sent you the wrong edit!! I did send you the correct one but when upploading the new link i coverted the worng mp3!!this was due to a few differnt versions on my desktop!!! I’m sending you a new link..I’m not sure if this is breaking the rules? iv not changed any tracks its just the finshed edit...pls let me know if this is ok? Im gutted i sent you the unfinshed mix,very slack on my behalf!

Daniel Lesden

It’s okay, things happens.


Thank you Daniel :)

Daniel Lesden

The submission deadline is over, thanks for everyone for participation. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Daniel Lesden

Once again, thanks everyone who participated in the guest mix competition. Psytellite, Satinka and myself have listened carefully all the mixes you’ve sent. And the winner is... AudioFire! Congratulations, Marc!

Rave Podcast September edition with AudioFire’s guest mix will be aired on Digitally Imported radio on next Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Wow Thank you Satinka,Psytellite and of course Daniel Lesden for picking my mix out of such a talented group of DJ’s and producers.I am Extreamly honoured to playing on the Rave Podcast as i’ve been a huge fan of Daniel Lesden for a while now.

I think this is a fantastic and unique opportunity for up and coming djs to show case their skills.
Thank you all :)