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Upcoming gig  🇬🇧 Dance:Love:Hub, June 15, 2019

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Rave Podcast 078

Special guest of the month: Shinta

November’s Rave Podcast edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud and iTunes. This episode features tracks from Owntrip, Pura Vida & Oscar Effective, GeneTrick, Mindwave, Atacama and more. And full producer’s guest mix from Shinta for the second hour.


0:00:00 Most Wanted – Secret Place (Original Mix)
0:04:56 Neuropipes & Twelve Sessions – Machine Man (Original Mix)
0:08:42 Owntrip – Human Evolution (Original Mix)
0:13:23 Pura Vida & Effective – Warriors Calling (Original Mix)
0:17:24 Genetrick – Mongol (Original Mix)
0:21:57 Oberon – Spoonbender (Original Mix)
0:26:35 Sonic Sense – Sophia’s Culture (Original Mix)
0:31:27 Mindwave – Systematic Numbers (Original Mix)
0:38:57 Ilai – Breakfast With Tiffany (Original Mix)
0:41:36 Robert Vadney & Chris Oblivion – Lost Language (Original Mix)
0:44:35 Electric Universe & Symbolic – Science & Spirit (Original Mix)
0:50:09 Ital & Innershade – Mysteries Of Hyperspace (Original Mix)
0:53:48 Atacama & Jakaan – Etro’s Protector (Original Mix)
0:57:29 Contineum & Mechanimal – Free Will (Sabretooth Remix)

Shinta guest mix

1:02:45 Shinta – Dragon Skin (Original Mix)
1:09:14 Shinta – See You on the Otherside (Original Mix)
1:16:41 Shinta – Moment (Original Mix)
1:23:11 Shinta – Mente Intensa (Original Mix)
1:30:12 Shinta – Vida (Original Mix)
1:36:41 Shinta – Multiverse (Original Mix)
1:45:10 Shinta – The Scientist (Original Mix)
1:53:30 Shinta – Open Heart (Original Mix)
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