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Rave Podcast October 2016

Special guest of the month: Steve Birch

Rave Podcast October edition is up online on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month show features tracks from Sabretooth, Flegma, Protonica, Skyfall, Lifeforms and more. And fantastic Progressive guest mix from Steve Birch.


0:00:00 Phaxe – Street Lights (Atmos Remix)
0:05:38 Protonica & Tristate – Source Code (Original Mix)
0:10:40 Flegma & Out of Jetlag – Mush Monk (Original Mix)
0:16:38 Starlab – Tokyo Teleport (Sabertooth Remix)
0:22:21 Tripy – Ground Energy (Original Mix)
0:27:35 Zentura – Sonic Masala (Lifeforms Remix)
0:32:00 Zen Mechanics & Audiotec – Telemetry (Original Mix)
0:37:34 Liquid Soul & Talla 2XLC – The Future (DigiCult Remix)
0:41:30 Magnus – Sinelock (Original Mix)
0:49:21 Vertical Mode & Oforia – Billy Boy (Original Mix)
0:55:14 Mad Maxx – Monster (Skyfall Remix)

Steve Birch guest mix

0:59:06 Steve Birch – Drift (Original Mix)
1:05:30 Steve Birch – Folktale (Original Mix)
1:11:05 Steve Birch – Ourobourus (Original Mix)
1:16:53 Steve Birch – Close Encounters Of An Alien Circus Kind (Original Mix)
1:21:42 Steve Birch – 2709 (Original Mix)
1:27:42 Steve Birch – Snake Chamer (Original Mix)
1:33:38 Steve Birch – Paths (Original Mix)
1:39:39 Steve Birch – The Journey (Original Mix)
1:45:30 The Vs – Virtual Symmetry (Steve Birch Bootleg)
1:51:39 Li Kwan – Point Zero (Original Mix)
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