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Rave Podcast 076

Special guest of the month: Dual Resonance

Rave Podcast September edition is ready for download on the main website, SoundCloud, and iTunes. This month show features tracks Aquila, Redrosid, Relativ, Satinka, Ovnimoon, Oforia, and more. And for the guest mix we have an incredible 1-hour producer’s mix from Dual Resonance also known as Spirit Architect.


0:00:00 Zyce – Star Dust (Original Mix)
0:05:30 Redrosid – Triangle (Original Mix)
0:12:43 Aquila & Drukverdeler – Magnetic Signals (Original Mix)
0:17:47 Airwave – The Moment Of Truth (Satinka Remix)
0:20:47 Face Off – Machine Mind (Original Mix)
0:26:25 Ovnimoon, Ascent, The Key – Trance Mantra (Sound Control Remix)
0:32:43 Oforia – Mad DMA (Original Mix)
0:38:27 Zen Mechanics & Audiotec – Mechanical Dreams (Original Mix)
0:44:16 Liquid Soul – Liquid Dream (Neodyne Remix)
0:49:51 Relativ – The Impact (Original Mix)

Dual Resonance guest mix

0:56:14 Dual Resonance – We Are Universe (Original Mix)
1:03:45 Dual Resonance – Burning Motion (Original Mix)
1:11:24 Suntree – Back To the Source (Egorythmia & Dual Resonance Remix)
1:16:51 Dual Resonance – Hydrogen (Original Mix)
1:23:17 Dual Resonance & Egorythmia – Into the Darkness (Original Mix)
1:29:21 Dual Resonance & Ascent – Spirits (Original Mix)
1:35:48 Dual Resonance – Dune (Original Mix)
1:42:47 Dual Resonance – ID
1:57:29 Dual Resonance – Spacey Flow (Original Mix)
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