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Rave Podcast July 2015

Special guest of the month: Shogan

Rave Podcast July edition is available for download and streaming on the main website, iTunes, SoundCloud. The beginning of the show may sound unusual as you’ll hear a little voice intro from me.


0:00:00 Atacama – One Moon One Sun (Original Mix)
0:05:07 Yahel – Traveling In Time (Original Mix)
0:06:31 Vini Vici – Namaste (Original Mix)
0:11:38 Ectima – Immortalize (Original Mix)
0:16:48 Martin Vice & Michael Banel – Swarm (Phaxe & Morten Granau Remix)
0:22:07 Slide – Jerico (Original Mix)
0:26:43 Omiki & Avshi – Safe & Sound (Original Mix)
0:30:59 Side Effects – Glory (Original Mix)
0:37:11 Manmachine – Radio Waves (Original Mix)
0:44:02 Protonica – Rise Of The Robots (Original Mix)
0:48:29 Mad Maxx – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
0:53:57 Relativ – Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)

Shogan guest mix

0:59:02 Shogan & Liquid Sound – Plastic Soup (Original Mix)
1:06:11 Shogan – Lunadelic (Original Mix)
1:12:55 Vibrasphere – Erosion (Shogan Remix)
1:19:45 Liquid Sound – We Afect the Future (Shogan Remix)
1:26:44 Shogan & Liquid Sound – Digital Dreams (Original Mix)
1:32:18 Ascent & Shogan – Hidden Earth (Original Mix)
1:39:31 Shogan – Bass Vulture (Original Mix)
1:46:28 Shogan – Spirit Technology (Original Mix)
1:53:05 Shogan – Vintage World (Original Mix)
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