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Rave Podcast June 2015

Special guest of the month: Jonathan Allyn

Rave Podcast 061 is available for streaming and download on the main website and iTunes. This month episode features a talented LA-based DJ and producer, Jonathan Allyn.


0:00:00 Ectima – Balkan Clash (Original Mix)
0:01:56 Ruback & Ghost Rider – Save It (Original Mix)
0:04:17 Ticon – Ether (Original Mix)
0:09:54 Flash Gordon – Ultimate (Original Mix)
0:14:28 Source Code – Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix)
0:18:26 Lyctum – Atmospheric Probe (Vandeta Remix)
0:23:33 Liquid Soul & Zyrus 7 – The Future (Liquid Soul Mix)
0:28:26 Sancho Pancho – Medical Problems (Radial Remix)
0:33:25 StarLab & Maitika – Critical Distance (Original Mix)
0:38:44 Aho – Mensajero (Original Mix)
0:42:25 Merlin’s Apprentice – Under the Influence (Original Mix)
0:47:35 Middle Mode – Over Reality (Original Mix)
0:54:15 Harmonic Rush – Electronic Impulses (Original Mix)

Jonathan Allyn guest mix

1:00:06 Merlin’s Apprentice – Flying With The Dragons (Simpkins Breaks N Kicks Mix)
1:07:23 Cj Rcm – Soul Of The Universe (Original Mix)
1:16:51 Future Prophecy – They Give Us Rock (Original Mix)
1:21:32 One Function – Transient (Original Mix)
1:24:49 Christopher Lawrence – The Whip (Original Mix)
1:29:16 Egorythmia & Dual Resonance – Cosmic Transition (Original Mix)
1:33:41 Disorder – Outer Worlds (Mechanimal Remix)
1:38:19 Cyrus The Virus & Static Movement – Static Virus (Original Mix)
1:45:19 SpaceCat – Bad Machine (Original Mix)
1:49:41 Dedale & Hekula – Connected People (Original Mix)
1:55:50 Cj Rcm – Soul Harmonies (Original Mix)
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