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Upcoming gig  🇬🇧 Dance:Love:Hub, June 15, 2019

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Rave Podcast 054

Special guest of the month: Mental Flow

Rave Podcast November edition with Mental Flow is already available for download on the main website and iTunes.

In this episodes: tracks from A Robot Comes to Her, Steve Birch, Alan Ruddick, Deedrah, Shogan and more, including a preview of my forthcoming remix for Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn.


0:00:00 A Robot Comes to Her – The Day She Was A Hill (Original Mix)
0:05:18 Insilico – Xyz (CJ Art Remix)
0:10:50 Luzon – The Baguio Track (Full Igorot Vocal Mix)
0:13:57 Steve Birch – Creatures Of The Night (Original Mix)
0:18:07 Alan Ruddick – Infinity (Original Mix)
0:22:24 Lyctum – Atmospheric Probe (Deedrah Remix)
0:27:35 E-Clip – Artificial Intelligence (Manmachine Remix)
0:32:46 Redrosid – Collapse (Original Mix)
0:36:51 Koi Boi – Beautiful Subject (Original Mix)
0:42:12 Mauro Picotto – Baguette (Original Mix)
0:43:36 Omsphere – Mayan Prophecy (Original Mix)
0:47:53 Shogan – Outside (Original Mix)
0:51:22 Vandeta – Liquid Vortex (Original Mix)
0:54:21 Christopher Lawrence & Jonathan Allyn – Human Element (Daniel Lesden Remix)

Mental Flow guest mix

0:59:59 Mental Flow – Fahrenheit (Original Mix)
1:05:00 Lemon Chill – My Inner Self (Mental Flow Remix)
1:11:02 Mental Flow – Micromax (Original Mix)
1:14:18 Mental Flow – Magnetic Fury (Original Mix)
1:19:12 Mental Flow – Gladiators (Original Mix)
1:21:05 Mental Flow – I’m An Android (Original Mix)
1:25:38 Mental Flow – Chakra Freak (Original Mix)
1:31:00 Mental Flow – Biologicol Connection (Original Mix)
1:35:26 Mental Flow – Space Technology (Original Mix)
1:40:00 Mental Flow – Marana Calling (Original Mix)
1:45:53 Mental Flow – Little India (Original Mix)
1:51:07 Mental Flow – Childreen of Night (Original Mix)
1:54:51 Mental Flow – Cosmic Freedom (Original Mix)
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