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Rave Podcast September 2014

Special guest of the month: Satinka

Rave Podcast September is available on main website, iTunes and SoundCloud. This month first hour is my recorded live set I played on one of my gigs in Moscow, Russia, full of mashups. It’s pretty old set, yet still I enjoy listening so hope and you too. Perhaps such mashups will be inspiring for some new generation DJs :-)

While at second hour we have the winner of the guest mix competition, Mike Walshe aka Satinka from Ireland, now residency in Australia. Mike’s first ever signed track is about to be released on Ovnimoon Records, you can hear it exclusively in his guest mix here.


0:00:00 Cymbalta vs. F-Act vs. Hypnotic Duo – Beyond Blizzard (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:03:17 Lifeforms vs. Copycat – Sex & Prox (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:05:52 Hipnotix – One Night Stand (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:07:16 Zen Mechanics & Ace Ventura vs. Symbolic vs. Lish vs. Hedflux – Digital Blink Cake (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:10:33 Ace Ventura & Rocky – Dr Lupo (Symbolic Remix)
0:11:58 Sonic Entity – Quantum (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:15:01 Protonica vs. Liquid Soul vs. Brian Cameron vs. Eshericks vs. Marco V – Floating Simulated Overdose (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:19:28 Gary Maguire & Stereo Wildlife – Always Different (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:21:53 Vertical Mode vs. Astrix vs. Mac & Monday – Deep Yoruba (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:24:13 Daniel Lesden vs. Sideform – Contact Of Life (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:28:12 Lyctum – Little Earth (Original Mix)
0:31:28 Sideform vs. Side Effects vs. Rigel & Unika Libela – 7th Sense Of The Dawn (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:33:47 Copycat vs. Hedflux – Elixir Is My Weapon (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:38:27 E-Clip vs. John 00 Fleming – Salva The Darkness (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:42:10 Lyctum – Consciousness (Daniel Lesden edit)
0:46:13 Lupin vs. Sonic Entity vs. Isma-Ae Remix – Melo Be Free (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:49:22 Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Live Mix)
0:53:33 Soulearth – TerraTrance (Original Mix)
0:56:23 Symbolic & Vertical Mode vs. Symphonix – Time You Want (Daniel Lesden live mashup)
0:59:22 Side Winder vs. Sideform vs. Clufe vs. Hanzo – Dropper and Light (Daniel Lesden live mashup)

Satinka guest mix

0:59:44 Airwave vs. Motorcycle vs. ID – The Moment The Rush Comes (Satinka Mashup)
1:07:17 Ace Venture – The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix)
1:13:10 E-Clip feat. Al Pacino – Chandra (Ovnimoon Remix)
1:19:22 Egorythmia & Ace Ventura – White Tunnel (Original Mix)
1:23:07 Via Axis feat. Dead Can Dance – Melt Into The Green Seraphim (Satinka Bootleg)
1:29:43 Symbolic – Live Your Life (Original Mix)
1:34:07 E-Clip – Salvia Divinorum (Waio 30x Remix)
1:38:29 John 00 Fleming – The 10th Life (Artifact303 Remix)
1:44:38 Micky Noise – Maya (Original Mix)
1:47:01 1200 Micrograms – 96 Percent (Original Mix)
1:50:24 Electric Universe – Maya (Original Mix)
1:54:35 ID – ID
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