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Upcoming gig  🇬🇧 Dance:Love:Hub, June 15, 2019

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Rave Podcast 031

Special guest of the month: Sonic Entity

December edition of Rave Podcast radio show is already available for download on Soundcloud and iTunes. It features new tracks from Cosmithex, Aiodaya (which is a new project of Suduaya and Aioaska), Funky Dragon, Side Effects, Side Winder, Relativ, unreleased track from Tripy as well as a yet unreleased track from myself named “Mars One”. I also can’t describe how good is the guest mix this month from Sonic Entity.


0:00:00 Cosmithex – Aquarius (Original Mix)
0:05:01 Kingpink – Shine Like A Star (Original Mix)
0:08:15 Aiodaya – Psychedelic Pyramide (Original Mix)
0:11:09 Funky Dragon – Blue Box (Original Mix)
0:14:31 Funky Dragon – Jamaica (Original Mix)
0:17:27 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
0:22:50 Major Source – Genuine (Original Mix)
0:26:38 Reaky & Skaivox – Collective Insanity (Original Mix)
0:28:57 Daily Dose – Gremlins (Original Mix)
0:32:58 Side Effects – One Man’s Vision (Original Mix)
0:36:17 Tripy – LSD 25 (Original Mix)
0:41:00 Side Winder – Liliacea (Original Mix)
0:44:17 Invisible Reality & Space Hypnose – Invisible Hypnose (Original Mix)
0:48:59 Ovnimoon – The Holographic Sphere (Relativ Remix)

Sonic Entity guest mix
To be added soon.

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