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Rave Podcast 031

Special guest of the month: Sonic Entity

December edition of Rave Podcast radio show is already available for download on Soundcloud and iTunes. It features new tracks from Cosmithex, Aiodaya (which is new project of Suduaya and Aioaska), Funky Dragon, Side Effects, Side Winder, Relativ, unreleased track from Tripy as well as a yet unreleased track from myself named “Mars One”. I also can’t describe how good is the guest mix this month from Sonic Entity.


0:00:00 Cosmithex – Aquarius (Original Mix)
0:05:01 Kingpink – Shine Like A Star (Original Mix)
0:08:15 Aiodaya – Psychedelic Pyramide (Original Mix)
0:11:09 Funky Dragon – Blue Box (Original Mix)
0:14:31 Funky Dragon – Jamaica (Original Mix)
0:17:27 Daniel Lesden – Mars One (Original Mix)
0:22:50 Major Source – Genuine (Original Mix)
0:26:38 Reaky & Skaivox – Collective Insanity (Original Mix)
0:28:57 Daily Dose – Gremlins (Original Mix)
0:32:58 Side Effects – One Man’s Vision (Original Mix)
0:36:17 Tripy – LSD 25 (Original Mix)
0:41:00 Side Winder – Liliacea (Original Mix)
0:44:17 Invisible Reality & Space Hypnose – Invisible Hypnose (Original Mix)
0:48:59 Ovnimoon – The Holographic Sphere (Relativ Remix)

Sonic Entity guest mix
To be added soon.

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