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Rave Podcast 030

Special guest of the month: Relaunch

November edition is coming with really awesome music: from deep Progressive up to turbo Psytrance. New unreleased track from Cosmithex, fresh remixes from Sonic Entity, latest works from Symbolic, Vertical mode, Timewave and more – all of this mixed in 1st part of the show. While at the second hour there is a very special deep guest mix from one my favourite artist in Progressive scene, Relaunch (Mistique Music / JOOF Recordings) from Germany.


0:00:00 Cosmithex – Lifetime (Original Mix)
0:05:47 Sideform – Psychedelic Future (Phaxe Remix)
0:09:16 Timewave – Do Not Stop (Cosmithex Remix)
0:14:34 LMO Project – Desert Sunrise (F-Act Remix)
0:20:04 Activa – Atlantic (Original Mix)
0:22:25 Lupin – Melodrama (Sonic Entity Remix)
0:24:46 Static Movement & Impact – Atlantic Spirit (Original Mix)
0:29:13 Daniel Lesden – Science 2.0 (Live Mix)
0:33:53 Ace Ventura – Exposed (Jay Selway & Magnus Remix)
0:40:23 Symbolic & Vertical Mode – Back to the Source (Original Mix)
0:43:45 ShakerZ – Application (Original Mix)
0:47:11 New Age – Swinger (Original Mix)
0:51:45 Ilai – Mafia Restaurant (Original Mix)
0:54:01 Reaky – Magnum Orca (Activa Remix)
0:57:29 Relativ – Universal (Sonic Entity Remix)

Relaunch guest mix
To be added soon.

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