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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

Telegram and Twitter duplicate what I post on Facebook, with occasional extra content.

On Vkontakte, I write in the Russian language for my fans out of from Russia and CIS.

I also upload vlogs and gigs videos on YouTube and share travel photos, selfies, and studio routine on Instagram.

Podcasts on iTunes to subscribe

I really love to to the podcasts on iTunes. I think it’s the easiest way to stay up to dates with your favorite shows.

Currently I subscribed to:

There was another few nice podcasts, but they are no longer updated unfortunately.

And yeah, of course I subscribed to Rave Podcast too.

What shows you are subscribed guys? Which one you could recommend?
Post your favorite ones in comments below, while I gonna update my list above.

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I host Rave Podcast on Digitally Imported radio every first Tuesday of a month at 7 PM UK. It showcases some of the finest Psytrance music and features guest artists from all over the world. Subscribe on iTunes to never miss a new episode.

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