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Music lifetime becomes shorter?


We’re all know the music of Elton John or The Beatles. You don’t have to like it, but at least you know them. They are some kind of “classic” of the second half of 20th century. Not to mention such greatest minds as Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and so on, timeless classic.

And what do we see with electronic dance music, even underground one? Ears literally over flooded with music, wave after wave, thousands of releases roll-out every week on stores. I’m a DJ, so I have to remember all artists, tracks and even they BPM and key to easily construct DJ-sets on the fly. But what about people who’re out of a professional side of music? I never said something like “music of the 90s was better than today, that warm analog sound”. Actually, opposite, I think these days we have a lot of fantastic releases, just harder to find them. Yet still, even greatest tracks has become forgotten so quickly.

Guys, how long do tracks stays in your mind, or in your playlists, or on your phones? I bet, successful tracks could live for a few weeks, and very popular ones — a half year?

I’m wondering, could I left something after me after I’ll go out, some kind of trail, a footprint in the heart of listeners? But thinking about it makes me sad.

Is there any chance for a modern music producer to become a “classic” for the future generations, at least for a few decades?

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I have to agree with you, people dont appreciate music because it so mass produced. They dont even take the time to appreciate the different generes. They just like uhm ye that sounds cool.

I myself appreciate all music, I never delete my music. I still have mp3s from when I was in high school and cds. I still remember buying mu first dance cd, which was by the react label. The music was heavinly to ears. I still try to chase that feeling and alot of music these days does do that.

I think music has improved, and for the better. So many different sounds available and think that is fcking amazing.


All of the problems due to technology development and rapid progress. The Internet gives us the ability to quickly download any music. Computers have given us the opportunity to build in his home studio, where we make music. Many people are now trying to gain fame by creating new and new tracks, hoping that one of them will be successful. The music will live forever, if it will compose talented and professional musicians. Good music should love everyone. Psychedelic music is underground. To compose the music in this genre, you need to find your unique style. Such musicians as Infected Mushroom, Juno Reactor, Astrix, GMS, Vibrasphere have their own unique style. Elton John and Beatles is a POP music, if you wanna be like them, just do the POP :D

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