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The Guest Mix @ Lucid Fest

Yesterday my guest mix has been aired on LucidFest, a radio event on Magic Trance Latin America. Now it’s ready for streaming and download, enjoy!


00:00 Timelock & Side Effects – Nightwind (Original Mix)
02:44 Outsiders & Freedom Fighters – Dust (Original Mix)
06:14 Lyctum & Molok – Sharena (Original Mix)
11:08 Vini Vici – Veni Vidi Vici (Original Mix)
15:29 Senseye – Psychotic Hallucination (Original Mix)
17:45 Bouncers – Mood Swings (Original Mix)
22:25 Phaxe & Morten Granau – Long Story Short (Osher Remix)
24:02 Side Winder – Decay (Original Mix)
28:27 Liftshift – Amsterburg (Original Mix)
32:37 Deedrah – Sun For The World (Original Mix)
35:24 Yahel – Automatic (Relativ Remix)
40:01 Coming Soon & Vini Vici – Mad (Original Mix)
45:01 Daniel Lesden – Space Form (Original Mix)
49:36 Symbolic & Vertical Mode – Moving Forward (Original Mix)
54:27 Darma – Fire Source (Original Mix)
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