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Live @ Little Friday

Here’s my live set recorded at “Little Friday” party where I played this Wednesday.


00:00 Yotopia & Sphera – Vertigo (Original Mix)
06:55 Hipnotix – One Night Stand (Original Mix)
11:31 Alter Nature – Bursting With Life (Original Mix)
17:52 Cosmithex – Dwell (Original Mix)
22:27 E-Clip – Chandra (Ovnimoon Remix)
29:03 Flegma & Zyce – Shades Of Gray (Original Mix)
34:42 Sideform – Web Of Life (Original Mix)
40:48 Middle Mode & Sideform – Side Mode (Original Mix)
46:52 John 00 Fleming & E-Clip – Symbolism (Original Mix)
53:42 Lyctum – Consciousness (Original Mix)
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