Kick, bass, and missing drive

Hey Daniel, I’d like to share my ongoing project though a lot of work needs to be done, the track is in F# and somehow I don’t like how the kick and bass sound together. Also if you could give me insights about the overall arrangement so far and the mix, I think something is missing for that drive in the track. Feedback would be appreciated. Cheers!


Zahaan, this is a really nice track with some decent sounds and atmosphere. Well done!. But you’re right, there are few that can be improved.

First of all, kick and bass. These two elements should sound as one, but in your track, I feel that bass is a bit lost: it could be due to phase issues or simply because of the volume balance.

Try to adjust volume levels first, see if there is a room for making the bass slightly louder in the overall mix. Or try to slightly boost second and third harmonics instead to emphasize the root key.

How to make a punchy bassline

Psytrance bassline equalization

Now speaking about the missing drive, I’ve noticed the lack of crash cymbals and offbeat hi-hats. Try to add these and you’ll see the difference. Like this:

Rhythm structure basics

Extra crash cymbal, snares, and hi-hats on top of the track

Listen to a track of mine called “Arrival”, for example. It has a huge accent on the offbeat hats, and probably that’s why the track sounds so high-energy:

Arrival is a new single that is coming out on December 19th

I hope it helps.

P.S. This post is a part of the weekly “Advice” series. I’m happy to advise on such topics as production, performance, management, marketing, and design in the music industry and beyond. Send me your questions, too.


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