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“EDM” — a bad word?

I used to call all electronic music as “EDM” (electronic dance music). Trance, Techno, House, Drum’n’Bass, Hardcore, whatever — it’s all was EDM to me, like an opposite to Pop and Rock music.

Seems time has changed as some certain genres of electronic dance music are now actually Pop music — like Big Room and all such commercial “Trause” which sounds on biggest festivals.

If so, how we should call a real electronic dance music then, I mean underground one — “UDM”? What do you think about it?

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1 comment
Forgive Me

«Please download EDM track. After downloading EDM track, you should turn it on and dance. After dance, you should return to your business. For best dance experience, you should be combined in human groups.»

As bad word as «fast food» or «porn tape for quick fucking», zum Beispiel.