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Chronicles Of The Universe — album presentation

Added in 2017: unfortunately, the special album website may not work properly as it’s been outdated.

I’m a very excited to present you my upcoming album special presentation website with all tracks preview

Chronicles Of The Universe’ is a story about tiny place in the Universe that we call our home — Solar System. Each track in the album is dedicated to one planet in the Solar System: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, so there are 8 track in total.

Follow this link to start your journey:

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Vortex is my fav, also Shadow of Collisions will be a dancefloor killa )
Congratulations, Deniel. This is success ;)

Daniel Lesden

Thanks for you every Soundcloud comments (I saw it) and this one! Glad you enjoyed the album bro! :-)


Each track has a special meaning to me and I’m very grateful for the opportunity you gave me to work with you on the text for the website. I just have a feeling the album will be very successful and wish you all the luck with it :)

Daniel Lesden

A huge thanks man, I very thankful for your help! Would be a great pleasure to work together in the future as well!


This is one of the most exciting releases this year. We’re really delighted this particular album is being released on the J00F label. I personally feel Daniel is the most talented up and coming artist in the progressive psytrance genre, and it’s a real honor and pleasure to know him. Cheers mate!

Daniel Lesden

Thank you a lot Pav, I know you are listening tons of music everyday, so I very glad you enjoyed the preview. And thanks for your kind words and support!


chris here, but I’m sure pav feels the same way ... we’re both super excited about this album ...

Daniel Lesden

Oh sorry man, usually I’m able to determine who of you is writing by ‘PsyTranceFamily’ account by your unique written style :-) But this time I screwed up. I very thankful to you both!

Stanislav Psyboy

Very nice! Waiting for )

Daniel Lesden

Thanks Stas! Just a few weeks left :-)