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Facebook is my main news hub where I share upcoming releases, gigs, photos, videos, and blogs. Typically, I post 3–5 times a week.

Telegram and Twitter duplicate what I post on Facebook, with occasional extra content.

On Vkontakte, I write in the Russian language for my fans out of from Russia and CIS.

I also upload vlogs and gigs videos on YouTube and share travel photos, selfies, and studio routine on Instagram.

Blog update

If you’d start reading this blog from the very first page, you’ll notice that it doesn’t reflect my music career as a continues journey because it misses a lot of events, especially in my earlier years. I noticed that too.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to add with backdates some missing posts what I was written on social media. If you’ll see some weird things, just keep in mind I’m doing some housekeeping here.

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