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Track of the week: Soaring Flux

This track is a pure hidden gem and a great example of a non-mainstream Psytrance that you probably won’t hear on big dancefloors. I like the pace and the dark vibe on this track.

Full duration of the track is 8:58. This low-quality excerpt is the only one available on YouTube, unfortunately
Artist Amygdala
Title Soaring Flux (DJ Friendly Mix)
Label JOOF Mantra
Year 2015
BPM 136
Key Gm

If you like this track, check also Orba by 00.db.

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Track of the week is a random pick from my all-time favourite tracks in various genres: from Psytrance that I play on the dancefloors to House that I just enjoy listening. I'll be glad if you discover some new artists that way, a sort of friend's recommendation. New posts come out every Saturday.

1 comment
Andreas of Amygdala

Hi Daniel – thanks for the kind words about Soaring Flux. It’s an honor!

I remember making that one. I couldn’t finish it – I tried a lot of different things, but in the end, time saved me: As I struggled with it, april 1. approached. You know whose birthday that is…? Because of that, I put a little something in the big break, and had no trouble finishing the track. I am quite sure nobody ever discovered that, though :)

BTW – there’s now a preview on my SoundCloud:

Also, I have been meaning to tell you: good job with the blog and vlog! Always interesting to read, good format and professional delivery. I hit ‘save’ on all the track-of-the-week segments instinctively.

You do good!

Daniel Lesden

Thank you, Andreas :-)