Daniel Lesden has solidified his sound in recent years and is a name that is rapidly rising through the ranks and is certainly definitely respected by his peers. His music can best be described as atmospheric and melodic, but at same time dancefloor orientated Progressive PsyTrance influenced by his love of the universe and journey of discovery.

He has been meticulous in his preparations over the last year for his debut album ‘Chronicles Of The Universe’. Spending an immense amount of time researching and constructing new sounds, he has not only been able to tell a story about each of the amazing planets in our solar system, he has created a masterful piece of work.

To be given the nod from one of the most respected producers of the genre John 00 Fleming was a dream come true for Daniel and provides the credence his hard work deserves as he signed the album to JOOF Recordings. With some amazing reviews from his peers and fans alike ‘Chronicles Of The Universe’ may well be the launch pad that sends his career into another galaxy.

With a remix of John 00 Fleming’s forthcoming single already in the pipeline, as well as three new EP’s all to be released on J00F Recording in 2014 the backing of such a powerful label proves Daniel has something special and what can only be described as an explosive journey ahead of him.

“Daniel is definitely a 100% one of those artists, pure genius. Also, he’s such a lovely guy, and passion about JOOF Recordings. He is now responsible for taking JOOF to direction where it's going today. He truly deserves it as the artist, as the producer.”John 00 Fleming

He began his professional career in the music scene in 2012 with his first release ‘Contact’ being snapped up by Ovnimoon Records and spent a number of weeks in the ‘Beatport Psy Trance Release 100’, finally holding firm at #7. A remix of another of the heavyweights of the Psy Trance scene followed this with Ace Ventura’s monumental ‘Presence’, unleashing a more techie sound on this remix that is certain to smash any dancefloor around the world.

Receiving phenomenal support from Simon Patterson and a guest appearance on his weekly radio show ‘Open Up’ provided Daniel with the opportunity to share with the world his unique style of ‘Progressive Psy’. His remix of Mac & Monday’s ‘Yoruba’ was voted as one of the listeners favourite tracks of 2013 and played on the celebratory 50th episode of the show.

His ability to construct deep and powerful driving bass lines, combined with exceptional melodic moments came of age with his amazing remix of Lyctum’s monster track ‘Galactic Society’ on Synergetic Records shows his technical skills and ingenuity in constructing a hard hitting, melodically driven style not too dissimilar to a comet hurtling through space in all its glory.

Daniel’s monthly Rave Podcast radio show has made such waves it is now hosted on the worlds most respected EDM internet radio station ‘Digitally Imported’ (DI.FM). The first hour features one of the best selections of both new and old ‘Psy Progressive’ tunes and has built him a solid following and become one of the must-hear shows, both inside and outside of the scene.

The second hour showcases guest mixes from some of the pioneering ‘Psy Trance’ artists of the millennium, with the likes of Ovnimoon, Lyctum, Astral Projection, Magnus, Relativ, Suduaya to name a few, adding further credence to this rising stars reach. You can listen to ‘Rave Podcast’ every first Tuesday of the month from 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET / 14:00 EST on DI.FM’s ‘Psy Progressive’ Channel as well the free Podcast on iTunes.

“Daniel is not only a diverse talented producer, he is also one of the brightest and technically proficient Psy-Progressive producers at the moment.”Christopher Lawrence

Daniel Lesden is the artist pseudonym of Daniil Sokolovskiy, a talented musician who grew up in the city of Moscow. Here he began his early musical studies graduating with honours for being one of the most exceptional students in his year. With this much needed technical background adding to his exceptional natural ability Daniil’s understanding of how to construct a dark but at the same time light explosion of ‘Progressive Psy’ is up there with the best of them.

Now residing in Israel, Daniil is not only a diverse talented producer whose commitment and versatility is apparent, he is also one of the brightest and technically proficient up and coming ‘Psy Progressive’ producers of the moment.

Daniel reveals his personality throughout the blog in behind the scenes and insights posts. Here are the few to get started: