A Progressive and Psytrance music producer and DJ based in Moscow.


I make Psytrance music with Progressive elements, typically within the 136–140 BPM tempo range. Best of all it fits peak-time at indoor events or daytime festivals. Digital Om Productions, Iono Music, and JOOF Recordings are the labels I’m proudly working with.

Some of my recent releases are highlighted below and you can find more releases on the blog.

Confront Reality

Digital Om Productions


Digital Om Productions

2000 Years Ahead

Digital Om Productions


Digital Om Productions


JOOF Recordings

Enuma Elish

JOOF Recordings

Another Earth

Digital Om Productions

Thru The Stars

Digital Om Productions


I play at Psytrance gatherings in clubs, open airs and festivals, and available for worldwide bookings. If you would like to invite me for your event, please send a booking request to Nishan at Digital Om Productions.

If you need high-resolution press and lifestyle pictures, official logo and more assets for your promo needs, please visit brand resources.


Videos from the studio and my gigs around the globe. In the vlog series, I give some advice based on my experience and take you to my adventures and travels. Subscribe on YouTube to not miss a new episode.

How I prepare for gigs

This vlog episode is all about my travel to London where I’m playing at The Egg Loft at Dance:Love:Hub. Also in this video I share 3 tips how I prepare for gigs, so I hope you’ll learn something new as well.

Pros and cons of my career decisions

“If you had to start again in your career, what would you focus on? What skills and areas are vital to the success that you already have? What things would you completely rule out?” Wow, I love these question asked in the comments to my previous video. I recorded a new vlog episode to answer it, I hope other upcoming producers will find it useful too. So there you go, pros and cons of my career decisions.

Why music alone is not enough

“Is having just music enough to make a career as an artist? Why producers need an audience? Is it artist’s duty to do marketing?” — in this vlog, I’ll try to answer these questions and give four tips based on my experience, along with taking you on my trip to Greece.


I run a blog and over the past few years I’ve written over a hundred of articles on music production, sound design, marketing strategies, music industry insights, and behind the scenes.

Whether you are a beginner producer, DJ, or just curious how things work in the music, definitely take a read as you may find it useful. Here are some of the popular posts, more on the blog.

Radio show

To spread the music and keep myself in a good shape as a DJ, I host a monthly radio show called Rave Podcast. It’s broadcasted on Digitally Imported radio every first Tuesday of a month and showcases underground music and featuring guest artists from all over the world.

Some of the artists featured in Rave Podcast guest mixes: Astral Projection, Vini Vici, Sonic Species, Ovnimoon, Magnus, Relativ, Sonic Entity, Atacama, Lyktum, Manmachine just to name a few.

The show is also available as a podcast on iTunes. When you are listening to Rave Podcast on iTunes desktop or iOS Podcasts app, you can see what track is currently playing and navigate through the mix. How cool is that! Subscribe on iTunes to never miss a new episode.

Interactive tracklistings with cover artworks appear when you are listening to Rave Podcast in iOS Podcasts app

Psytrance Guide

Psytrance Guide is a small side-project made for fun out of my love to the Psy scene. It’s a guide to the variety of Psytrance subgenres that made for education and entertainment.

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